When you’re complaints are not severe, but you are bothered by them, Move for Motion can offer psychological support to help you out.

Coaching can be applied when, for example, you have difficulties at work or are experiencing too much stress in other areas of your life, when it’s hard to adjust to new phases in life or when you experience problems in friendships or in your relationship.

Through psychological support you will examine the areas of your life that you feel stuck in and explore ways to get things moving again in order to make a change. In order to meet your goals, close attention is paid to making the most of your strengths so you can learn to take advantage of your full potential.

You will learn to use your talents in the best way possible and get the most out of life.

Coaching is not reimbursed by insurers, which means you will have to pay for psychological support yourself. Costs of a 45-minute coaching session are EUR 110,27.

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